What are The Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Having an erection requires a complex process in your body to function perfectly. Any problem during this process can cause an erection to be less hard than desirable. The problems can be physical, psychological or a combination of the two problems.

As this process is so complicated, we will limit the scope of this article to the physical problems. For an erection to occur, many parts of the body must perform properly. Involved in the erection process are nerve impulses in the penis, brain and spine. Further it requires the proper response in veins, arteries, muscles, and fibrous tissues.

Any breakdown in this process or any physical damage to these areas will hinder a strong erection. More often than not, the causes can be attributed to a disease. Here are some of the most common diseases that can causes of impotence:

Kidney Disease - often lowers a man's libido Diabetes - between a quarter and a half of the men with kidney disease suffer from erectile dysfunction Nerve and Brain Diseases - Parkinson's disease, MS, Alzheimer's disease, spinal chord injuries, stokes Prostate Cancer - generally it is the treatment methods of prostate cancer that cause ED such as radiation and surgery Vascular Diseases - vascular diseases are typically high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Other physical causes that are not disease related are:

Surgery - sometimes these problems are short term until the body has had time to fully heal
Tobacco use - another reason to quit smoking
Excessive alcohol consumption - if you drink and have ED problems, try cutting back on alcohol consumption
Prescription drugs - there are hundreds of prescription drugs that cause ED. Ask you Doctor about your meds and their potential side effects
Enlarged Prostate - recent studies have drawn the connection between ED and an enlarged prostate
Injury to the Penis - any surgery to this organ can cause the erection process to function poorly

Anyone suffering from impotence should consult with their Doctor to see if any of these physical problems could potentially be causing their erectile dysfunction. Once the cause has been found, the proper treatment can be prescribed.