Buy Levitra Online without a Prior Prescription

I am often asked "Can I buy brand name Levitra online without getting a prescription from my doctor?" The answer is "Yes!"

The internet has improved our lives in many ways. As far as buying ED products discretely and quickly, the internet has brought about remarkable changes.

You can now buy Levitra online without a prior prescription from your local doctor. And if you use a reputable online pharmacy and order before 1:00 EST, you can have it delivered to you overnight by FedEx. Most men are amazed by this fact. Here are the normal questions I am asked:

  • Am I buying from a reputable US based online pharmacy?
  • Is buying Levitra online without a prior prescription legal?
  • Can I order without setting up an appointment at my local doctor's office?
  • Are the pills the real brand name products that I would be ordering?
  • Is the online prescription issued by a US licensed physician?
  • Are these FDA approved pills?
  • Is the product shipped and delivered discretely?

The answer to all these questions is "YES!"

Here is what you do - you will need a credit card. Go to our favorite online pharmacy - - and click on the tab that says Levitra. (They also sell Viagra and Cialis.).

Select the number of the pills you would like to order.

Next you will be asked to register (submit your shipping information) and then to fill out an online consultation form (it only takes a couple of minutes, as the form has drop down boxes for answers - there is no typing involved and there is no charge for the consultation), leave your credit card information, and you are done. ( has a toll free number at the top of their home page if you have any questions.)

Then RXQuickmed begins to process the order. Your online consultation is reviewed by a US licensed doctor, a prescription is issued, and your order gets approved. Your credit card is then charged, and your order is shipped to you via overnight delivery by FedEx.

It is that easy! There is no loner a reason to schedule a local doctor's appointment, to take time off from work to go to that appointment, or to have to go get your pills at the local pharmacy. If you buy your pills online though RXQuickmed, the FDA approved pills are on their way to you quickly, discretely, and confidentially that same day!