Potential Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Fortunately, most men who take Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra do not suffer any side effects. However, this does not mean there aren't any. There are certain side effects you should watch for and if you suffer from any of them you should consult a Doctor.

We will list the most common side effects of impotence pills. The most serious are listed first.

Serious Side Effects

These two side effects rarely occur. But if they do occur, you should immediately seek medical attention. These are serious side effects and need to be treated immediately.

1. An erection that does not stop. We all laugh at the Cialis commercials that state to call your Doctor if you have an erection lasting more than fours hours. You've heard them "How is that a bad thing?", "That's just an advertising gimmick to get us to buy". Funny stuff - but in reality, this can happen. It's definitely rare, but it does occur and it's very serious. The problem will become painful and could cause damage to your penis.

2. Hearing or Vision Loss. I think everybody realizes that this is a serious side effect. If you have either loss of hearing or loss of vision, call a Doctor immediately. Don't wait to see if it goes away. Seek competent medial help ASAP!

Other Side Effects

These side effects are less serious and like the serious side effects mentioned above, very few men experience them:

Stuffy or runny nose
Muscle aches and/or back pain. (usually with Levitra)

If you experience any of the side effects mentioned above, be sure you mention the problem to your Doctor. If you use a reputable online pharmacy, they will have a toll free number to call. Or if the problem doesn't seem that serious, mention it in the online consultation, so the prescribing Doctor will know about your problem and possibly prescribe a different brand of pill.